Bottega Portici means trip to the gastronomic traditions of the territory. A unique experience based on a concept, a reflection on Italian cuisine. Past and future meet, giving the opportunity to everyone to get in to the heart of the Emilian culinary identity creation process.

Bottega Portici is the new gastronomic project of street food modern, 100% Made in Italy, who aspires to be a promoter of a cultural revolution destined to change our point of view on takeaway food, focusing on high quality products and row material.
An open space, a showcase on the road, an exhibition, recreational, multi-sensory place.
A sfoglina or a sfoglino shaping the dough with ability and technique, but also and above all with respect and passion for their work. The rich menu composed my the typical kindness that have made Italian cuisine the most loved and envied all around the world. The opportunity to buy fresh pasta, sauces, oils and other selected high quality products. But, above all, the opportunity to enjoy a hearty and delicious meal in a practical and fast mood, allowing you, in a few minutes from ordering, to live a unique taste experience in Bottega, at the office, at the park … anywhere you want . All this putting in first place the quality of the product we offer to our customers.

THIS IS bottega portici

Bottega Portici - High Quality Italian Food

Respect for row materials. Love for the gastronomic culture of the territory. The italianity pride at the table. Because the food does not depend only on the quality of the ingredients, but also on the value of an idea.

From this reflection started in Bologna the project Bottega Portici, a space that represent the excellence and the identity of the Italian gastronomic culture, as well as bolognese, through an innovative idea of practical, genuine and appetizing food.

The first Bottega Portici – Indipendenza, bornt in 2013, is at the side of the Ristorante I Portici, Michelin Star in 2012 and the Hotel I Portici, where tradition meets contemporary, where the welcome expressed Hospitality.

A new great opening in spring 2017: Bottega Portici – 2 Torri opened overlooking the Due Torri, in the historic Piazza di Porta Ravegnana.

And new windows, new points of view, will be opened soon in other places, in other cities, in other countries, so that the high quality, authentic and genuine Italian cuisine, will become heritage of all and for all.