Caffè Terzi


Caffè Terzi was born in Bologna in late 2001 by the idea of Manuel and Elena Terzi to produce their own blends of the highest quality coffee and unmistakable taste.

The peculiarity of this project lies in the way of approaching the cafe, seen as a fresh and alive agricultural product as it is. The selection of only fresh grains of the current crop of aromatic products, scented, clean in terms of taste-olfactory view led to the birth of a completely different product.

This innovative approach, transformed every possible initial misgivings of customers in curiosity, appreciation and pleasure. Why? Simply because it is an innovative, strong-personality, pleasant, large and aromatic product ables to lead to a high degree of loyalty.

Coffee blend n° 6

In Bottega Portici, you can find the coffee blend “Terzi n. 6”

A structured, broad, harmonic and elegant blend, low in caffeine. Its smell unveils good intesity, persistence and broadness. The notes of dried fruit, hazelnut, almond, walnut and cashew are clear, flanked by sensations of cocoa and Gianduja chocolate, of fragrant flavor, of oven-baked cakes and toasted bread. To the taste, it appears sweet, full and rich, with great smoothness and a low bitter sensation. Its intensity, complexity and structure are good, with hints of pulpy fruit, red fruits and dark chocolate. It’s excellent when combined with milk for an elegant Cappuccino.